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Osmosis Press
April 2022

Cow is kind, cow is lazy, cow farts. Your mother is a fat cow, but she is kind. Your mother is lazy, she ruminates and regurgitates, and she farts. She is filthy, smelly, heavy, and slow. And she farts and she embarrasses you in public.



FLW Project
Jan 2022

One year into lockdown, artist run exhibition and publishing project Interview Room 11 initiated the Four Letter Word (FLW) project and invited artists and writers to respond to poverty, the climate crisis, and worldwide inequality that the pandemic had brought into sharper relief. A year later, FLW was turned into a series of four pamphlets each containing 24 texts/artworks by different writers and artists. My visual poem Frubes Glorious Frubes appears in GRUB. All proceeds from sales go in full to support the work of four charities that deal with the themes in the pamphlets: XR Glasgow, Living Rent, Empty Kitchens Full Hearts and The Autonomous Centre Edinburgh.


Primal Screen

Seen As Read Anthology
Spring 2021

Seen as Read is an ambitious anthology of visual poetries that erases the line between viewer and reader. From stitches to typesetting, beeswax to periodic tables, handwritten abstraction to puzzling collages, this anthology amazes, amuses, and articulates ambiguity with a precision only visual poetry can. Emerging from a series of online programs run by SJ Fowler during the global lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, I was one of 40 poets across the world to be included in this fascinating collection.
(Kingston University Press)


The Chips are Down...

OrangeApple Press
April 2021

The Chips are Down Here in Lockdown is a champion work of experimental poetry, pushing the limits of form, texture, subject, and space. It is gripping, lovable, heart-wrenchingly honest…. an absolute must read!

Meredith Grace Thompson, Editor of BlueHouse Journal, Author of Procrastinación


& Zines


My work has appeared in Gutter, 3AM Magazine, From Glasgow to Saturn, -algia, BlueHouse Journal, Tentacular and perverse.

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